Day Two: Wednesday, 27 March

Opening remarks from the Chair

Andrew Garnett
Australian Gas Industry Trust

Assessing the impact of recent and proposed changes to gas regulation
ACCC update on gas policy and the Mandatory Code of Conduct

Anna Brakey
Commissioner, Chair East Coast Gas Market Board
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a regulatory regime that is workable for all parts of the gas value chain
  • What needs to happen to ensure that $12 gas is available to smaller industrial users?
  • How does policy need to be shaped to make the gas sector functional through the transition?
  • Is gas too valuable to be ‘wasted’ on household use?
  • What are the carrots and sticks that will allow gas to fully play its role in supporting clean energy and energy stability?


Mark Wiseman
Co-Head of Asia Pacific Energy Research
Macquarie Group


Samantha McCulloch
Chief Executive
Australian Energy Producers

Andrew Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA)

Stephen Harty
Chief Executive Officer, GLNG Operations
Santos GLNG

PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the risks of Australian gas for international markets
  • Defining Australia’s role in the global LNG market
  • Diagnosing the impact of volatility in international markets for Australia
  • Examining how price volatility can affect Australia's position as a reliable gas supplier
  • Devising strategies to navigate the impact of geopolitical tensions, trade agreements, and regulatory changes on the export of Australian gas to international markets


Ivana Bubevska
Commercial LNG Consultant & Director
IB LNG Consulting


Varun Gujral
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific GEMS

Leila Ngadi
General Manager, Energy and Carbon Markets

Kenneth Foo
Associate Director, APAC LNG
S&P Global Commodity Insights

Morning tea

Future of natural gas through and post transition
  • Ensuring that gas can play its part in stabilising the future energy grid
  • Avoiding the cost of pipelines becoming unviable expensive stranded assets

Jim Cox
Deputy Chair
Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Natural gas as a partner to the net zero future
  • Recognising gas’s critical role in emissions reductions and energy security
  • Partnering with renewables for reliable power
  • Fuelling the Australian manufacturing sector
  • Deploying net-zero technologies and fuels
  • Communicating the gas story to ensure community support

Samantha McCulloch
Chief Executive
Australian Energy Producers

Networking lunch

Addressing ‘anti gas’ policy and public perception
Building social licence creating shared value for regional stakeholders - benefits and challenges of new energy projects
  • Identifying and building on social licence lessons from previous projects
  • Meeting the expectation that onshore gas, large-scale renewables (and potentially hydrogen) should deliver real and lasting benefits for regional communities
  • Understanding the types of values that can be created and the pathways for creating them

David Close
Director, Centre for Natural Gas
University of Queensland

PANEL DISCUSSION: Politics, Policy and Pragmatism: If only being right was enough!
  • Making the argument for gas when governments have specific agendas and intervention commitments
  • How can the loss of social license for the gas industry and new gas developments be effectively addressed?
  • What strategies can be employed to convince policy-makers to keep gas alive in the energy sector?
  • How can the industry better represent itself to the public so that they understand gas’s role in energy security and keeping onshore manufacturing alive?
  • What are effective ways to counter the net zero PR machine’s message and communicate that gas is essential to the transition?
  • What measures can be taken to ensure clear messaging and emphasize the importance of ‘impartial voices’ in the gas industry debate?


Patrick Gibbons


Misha Zelinsky
Journalist; Director

Bill Farren-Price
Head of Gas Research
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Hon Peter Tinley
Committee Chair, Legislative Assembly
Parliament of Western Australia

Costing and realistically evaluating decarbonisation pathways
Critically assessing the value proposition of alternative gases
  • Commercialisation at scale for biogas as a decarbonisation pathway for industries which rely on natural gas for heat energy
  • Thinking outside the box to overcome the lack of natural gas supply and decarbonise the gas networks
  • Understanding biomethane and its applications for natural gas users
  • Pressing the accelerator on alternative gas projects injecting some urgency

Melissa Perrow
General Manager Energy
Brickworks Building Products

Afternoon tea

Reducing the carbon profile of natural gas through CCS
  • Capturing significant rates of emissions through CCS (carbon capture and storage)
  • Defining the opportunity for Australia CCS
  • Analysing what needs to happen to make CCS work

David Fallon
General Manager of Energy Transition
Chevron Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: How fast can alternatives get to a scale where they can replace natural gas?
  • Will renewable gases be economically viable by the end of the decade?
  • Where are projects up to and what are the sticking points?
  • How has the Inflation Reduction Act (USA) impacted Australian/SE Asian developments?
  • Which formats are hydrogen buyers going to want? And for which uses?
  • What innovations accelerate renewable gas adoption over natural gas in energy grids?
  • How can we swiftly expand renewable gas infrastructure while ensuring reliability?
  • Are policy changes and public support pivotal for a rapid transition?


Mendo Kundevski
Director, Energy Transition
S&P Global Commodity Insights


Caroline Beattie
General Manager, Future Energy
APA Group

Russell James
General Manager Hydrogen & Future Fuels
ATCO Australia

Jeremy Hasnip
Head of Energy Transition
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Izzi Messina
Vice President Growth and Development APAC

Concluding remarks from Chair
End of ADGO 2024