Q+A with Gas Leaders

In the lead up to ADGO 2019 we conducted a short Q+A with some of the thought-leaders we have scheduled to speak on 4-7 March in Sydney on the state of the domestic gas market.

We spoke with:

  • Phaedra Deckart, General Manager, Energy Supply & Origination, AGL Energy
  • Sam Bartholomaeus, Head of Energy, BHP Australia
  • Johanna Boothey, Commercial Director, Exxon Mobil Australia

We also got the perspectives of three independents industry experts:

  • Graeme Bethune, CEO, EnergyQuest
  • Jim Snow, Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood / Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland Energy Initiative
  • Saul Kavonic, Head of Equities Research, Oil & Gas, Credit Suisse

Their answers, presented below, are a fantastic helicopter view on how different types of producers are perceiving key market challenges and responding strategically to them.

We asked what they see as the biggest challenges currently for the domestic gas sector, what policy and regulatory steps they support for addressing the east coast gas “crisis”, whether they support LNG imports and what they expect to happen to the market between now and 2025.


What do you see as the biggest challenges right now for the domestic gas sector?

Finding the next source of gas for the domestic market is the biggest challenge. Exploration needs to increase, and be supported.

We need to move past popularist government policies, to support the adding of new supply.

What priority policy and regulatory steps do you support for addressing the east coast gas “crisis”?

Long term consistent policies should be set to support industry risk takers. Australia has extremely remote areas which struggle to find market demand support. Governments can facilitate access to markets, for example buying gas to generate electricity in a way which supports the early stages of gas appraisal and development.

Recognise that the time frame for gas projects and LNG do not always match the manufacturers or gas users preferred time frames. There will be disconnects from time to time, and policies should be set which smooth these bumps.

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